I believe we can all actively work towards creating the life that we want. We can cultivate our own self-belief – empowered and trusting in our abilities to succeed. Energy healing focuses on removing emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages. Learn how to shift and elevate your energy to feel better, move beyond patterns and behaviors that no longer work for you, and bring yourself into balance. At the same time, gain skills that help you sustain the experience of energy healing. In my practice, I create space for you to be more you: a more grounded, lighter individual comfortable in your own skin.

“Our intention creates our reality. We are powerful beyond measure."

The Symptoms Could Be

The symptoms could be your headaches, pain, dis-ease, excess weight, debt or your addiction. Energy healing focuses on removing any physical, spiritual and emotional blockages.

“The mental thought patterns that cause the most disease in the body are criticism, anger, resentment and guilt.” ~Louise L Hay

I learned how

I learned how to shift and elevate my energy to feel better, step out of patterns and behaviors that no longer worked for me. I can help you feel better, feel clear, centered and bring you back to balance.

In my practice I have created space for you to be more you; a more grounded, clear individual who is comfortable in your own skin

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing focuses on removing emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages to which you may be unintentionally or even unconsciously holding on. The goal is to move stagnant energy in order to restore and develop your optimal energy. Energy healing acknowledges who you are in this moment while supporting your growth. Together, we can affect changes in your ‘go to’ emotions, patterns, and triggers. These can inhibit you from living your best life. Energy healing is a collaborative journey towards personal growth and evolution.

The skills I teach show you how to eliminate imbalances manifesting in your body as discomfort and/or disease. By taking steps to remove blockages, you are allowing cleaner, more vibrant energy to flow into your system. Such energy can heighten your intuition and potential, serving as inspiration to transform your goals into reality.

I am a married mom of two living in the Seattle, Washington area. I have studied with the Energy Healing Institute based in Portland, Oregon. Courses I have taken include Energy Clearing, Boundaries, Owning your Energetic Space, Present of Presence, and Path of an Energy Healer.

Are you ready to change behaviors that are getting in the way of your best life?

What to Expect?

Before you arrive for your first session, I will ask you to fill out a brief intake form. This will include your goals and intentions that will inform the sessions.

During an energy healing session, you will be fully clothed, laying on your back on a treatment table. You are not asked to do anything during a session except clear your mind, relax, and enjoy. Treatment experiences will vary, ranging from a feeling of warmth and tingling throughout your body, a sensation of lightness or heaviness, or simply being very relaxed. Feel free to take a nap! Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy system to remove obstructions and imbalances.

I will be touching you on the chakra points as well as on the head and feet. I will go over where the chakras are located and my hand placement with you before beginning.

During the session, I will move around the table to clear your energy body. There may be long periods of time where I remain in one place. If you have any questions or feel uncomfortable at any time, you will always be encouraged to say so.

Each energy session is one hour. Anything said during a session is confidential. After a session, clients often describe feeling relaxed and energized.

If you are interested, at the end of a session, I will teach skills that help deepen the healing. After a few sessions, I will create a protocol that you can do at home to extend your healing experience.

How many sessions will I need? Maybe you need a number, but that depends…

  • ☀ Do you want homework? It isn’t necessary, but it can propel you forward.
  • ☀ Do you stuff your feelings? Energy work can bring up uncomfortable issues.

Let’s deal with them and learn constructive and adaptive ways to move forward.

Say Hello.

I'm here to help and answer any questions you might have. I look forward to hearing from you!