My Story

I was out of options. I had a frozen shoulder for over two years. The pain was constant, and the lack of movement affected all areas of my life. Small chores turned into loud pain that would throb for hours afterwards. If my arm was bumped or moved, I would be brought to tears. I went to a neck and shoulder specialist who prescribed treatment for my frozen shoulder. This included a year of physical therapy. When the treatment failed to work, he wanted to perform exploratory surgery.

Likewise, I have always had lower back pain and tightness.

While working on my shoulder, I started having hip issues as well. My hip was bothering me to the point that walking was difficult. I went to a hip specialist who figured out what was not wrong, but never figured out what would give me relief. He also wanted to perform exploratory surgery. This is when I turned to energy healing.

Within 6 months, I was not only walking, but was no longer having consistent pain. Within a year, I no longer had any pain with movement, and I had full range of motion back in my shoulder. I knew then that I could learn how to clear energy blockages and help others as energy healing has helped me.

In the past, I let my busy life take control of all my time. I’ve realized a self-care routine is extremely important, and energy healing is a huge part of that for me. I’m drawn to this type of energy healing due to the skills that I can teach my clients. These skills – that I have first learned to do on myself – have only deepened my healing on both physical and emotional levels.

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